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First collection of Wine People – 10 selected Bolnisi wines

First collection of Wine People – 10 selected Bolnisi wines

It should be noted that these wines have been produced in limited quantities. Georgian and foreign wine enthusiasts will have an opportunity to taste them as well.


Every year we select wines for Telliani Collection with different criteria. Participants of the project will be able to meet specialists and become familiar with advanced wine production traditions of different countries.


A presentation of the project and the first collection was held in Tbilisi Wine Museum on February 20. The guests had an opportunity to taste the wine and have a talk with participant winemakers.


Wine People will be available in wine shops and restaurants from next week.

The first collection consists of the following 10 wines made in bolnisi:

Rkatsiteli vintage of 2017 and 2018, by Aliosha Kapanadze – an Engineer by profession continuing together with his children the family tradition of wine making.


Chinebuli by Nika Chochishvili – a military logistic professional who together with his friend Giorgi Cherkezishvili started a vineyard and makes his one wine.


Rkatisteli and Asuretuli Shala by Levan Bandzeladze – 37 years old audit started making wine in his 18. By time a passion has become a profession.


Rkastsiteli by Avtandil Ugrekhelidze – 35 years old physician from winemakers’ family has been making Kveveri wine since 2015 and started vineyards of rare sorts.


Asuretuli Shavi by Gocha Liparteliani – An economist, Gocha makes wine from grapes harvested in his own vineyard located in village KIaneti, Bolnisi region.


Tavkvery by Vakhtang Chagelishvili – An engineer-ecologist continues family traditions and makes a wine in Kveveri by traditional methods.


Saperavi by Gia Devnozashvili – A lawyer making wine in his 14 kvevris and together with his family promoting the winemaking.


Saperavi by father Makari– In his monastery Father Makari, 30 makes a kvevri wine by a traditional method and develops rare sorts of Georgian grapes.